Quadripolar Pediatric - PACING WIRES

  • (TME 220–4x Unipolar)
  • Fixation: V-hook
  • Lengths: 220 cm
  • Thoracid Needle: Straight or Curved
  • Electrode Spacing: Variable

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Quadripolar Pediatric TME

The Oscor line of Temporary Myocardial Pacing Heartwires, the TME™ series, includes models that offer reliable unipolar, bipolar and quadripolar pacing and sensing of the atrium and ventricle. All TME™ heartwires are smallest in wire diameter and needle size for minimal trauma. Several models are available, ideally suited for small and large hearts, while giving excellent stimulation and sensing characteristics.


  • Atraumatic fixation through attachment with surgical sutures
  • Practically suitable for small hearts and atrial pacing
  • Allows A-V sequential pacing with only one lead body
  • 220 cm length allows easy and direct connection to external pacemaker with no need for an extension cable
  • Supplied with four 2 mm pins


Vhook Fixation

The V-shaped heartwire is fixed to the surface of the heart by ligatures at the V-hook. Removal of the lead is achieved with gentle pulling. When the V-hook straightens out, it releases out of the loop of the ligature with minimal traumatic side effects and bleeding.


Model No.PolarityFixationWire LengthElectrode SpacingInsulationQty Per Box
TME 220 VS (Straight)QuadripolarV-hook220 cmVariable2 Blue/2 White10


ModelPolarityFixationWire LengthElectrode SpacingInsulationQty Per Box
TME 220 VC (Curved)QuadripolarV-hook220 cmVariable2 Blue/2 White10