1. To demonstrate mucopolysaccharides and other metachromatic substances in tissue sections. An alternative for Haematoxylin/Eosin standard staining for histology.

2. To demonstrate mast cells (with histamine, heparin metachromatic granules) in tissue sections. The material for sections should be pre-fixed in 10% neutral buffered formalin. Method could be used for paraffin and frozen sections (5-6μm). These cells are found widely distributed in the connective tissue.

Avaible UnitsNameCode
100 mlTOLUIDINE BLUE STAIN 123001250-100
150 mlTOLUIDINE BLUE STAIN 123001250-150
200 mlTOLUIDINE BLUE STAIN 123001250-200
250 mlTOLUIDINE BLUE STAIN 123001250
500 mlTOLUIDINE BLUE STAIN 123001500
1000 mlTOLUIDINE BLUE STAIN 123001100
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