Stain solution for cyto PAP smears. The classical Papanicolau test for cervical cancer screening was named on its inventor Dr. George Papanicolau. It includes examination of vaginal smears. The Papanicolau test is cytological one and examines the presence of abnormal cervical cells in the smear.

Avaible UnitsNameCode
100 mlPAPANICOLAU OG6112220500-100
150 mlPAPANICOLAU OG6112220500-150
200 mlPAPANICOLAU OG6112220500-200
250 mlPAPANICOLAU OG6112220500-250
500 mlPAPANICOLAU OG6112220500
1000 mlPAPANICOLAU OG6112220010
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