Alcian Blue pH 0.5 staining kit is used for the demonstration of sulfated mucosubstances, which can be produced by several types of epithelial and connective tissue. Alcian blue reacts with polyanions whose components are sulphuric and carboxylic radicals (phosphate radicals of nucleic acid do not react). As result, sulfated mucosubstances only are stained.

Avaible UnitsNameCode
100 testsALCIAN BLUE pH 0.5190000002
100 mlALCIAN BLUE pH 0.5190000002-100
150 mlALCIAN BLUE pH 0.5190000002-150
200 mlALCIAN BLUE pH 0.5190000002-200
250 mlALCIAN BLUE pH 0.5190000002-250
500 mlALCIAN BLUE pH 0.5190000500
1000 mlALCIAN BLUE pH 0.5190000010
Material Safety Data Sheet ALCIAN BLUE pH 0,5
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